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About Life of Hope

Life of Hope Ministries began in the early 1990’s that led three individuals to embrace a vision. This vision grew into a qualified charitable organization and a step of faith was taken to formalize and launch the ministry in June 2004.

Street children of Latin America

Rescue the street children of Latin America

With the call to rescue the street children of Latin America, and share the love and knowledge of God, Life of Hope Ministries has received the guidance and funding to sustain this effort. This involves reaching out to the children in need and providing them a “Life of Hope.” Our ministry includes working with families who are at risk of producing street children. The focus areas of ministry provide for the educational, emotional, physical, and spiritual welfare.

It is a privilege to be connected with these children and families and we are continually seeking God’s guidance and provision to carry out His vision.

It would be a great motivation to have you join in the effort to help give a “Life of Hope.”

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