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Current Projects

Current Projects, Events and Campaigns

Life of Hope Ministries helps fund a variety of projects all year long with our partners in Guatemala. These are life-changing programs that fulfill needs of the individuals our partners serve.

2024 Trip Schedule

January 13-20, 2024 – Reliance Church, Wichita, KS – Devin

February 24 – March 6, 2024 – Hope City, Joplin, MO – Nancy

March 9-16, 2024 – Living Truth, Pace, FL – Devin

April 6-13, 2024 – Capital West, Jefferson City, MO – Nancy

May 4-11, 2024 – Central Christian, Ocala, FL – Devin

May 25-June 1, 2024 – Capital City Youth, Jefferson City, MO – Nancy

July 13-20, 2024 – Soriano Eye Clinic, Carthage, MO – Devin

August 17-24, 2024 – Tomoka CC, Ormond Beach, FL – Nancy

September 21-28, 2024 – The Bridge, Carthage, MO – Devin

November 2-9, 2024 – Capital City Medical, Jefferson City, MO – Nancy

November 9-16, 2024 – Admin – Devin & Nancy

For more information contact Nancy at nancy@lifeofhope.org or calling 417-825-0080

Feeding Program

  • More than 56,000 meals a year are provided for the children at the La Limonada Schools
  • Over 16,000 meals annually are served each Sunday morning at Iglesia Bautista Cristo es el Camino (church outside the Landfill), one night a week for the Peregrinos (homeless men’s ministry) and each Friday night at the Landfill
  • The Santa Faz Community Center provides 10,000 meals annually to the children that live in their neighborhood.
  • Approximately $1.00 provides 2 meals

Medical Program

  • A medical clinic was built and dedicated in March of 2014 with the construction being funded by Life of Hope Ministries and Dustin’s Dream. In September 2015 a second floor was added for a pharmacy, diagnostic equipment, and in November of 2017 a third floor was completed for a child development area along with storage and further medical services to meet the need of the individuals living in the landfill area.
  • Dr. Layla and her staff conduct examinations, distribute vitamins and medicines and provide emergency care for more than 20,000 people each year
  • The clinic also includes a dental program making dental care and hygiene an important part of the services provided

Construction Program

  • A new roof costs approximately $300-400
  • To upgrade with a concrete floor the cost is approximately $400-500
  • A cook stove installed will run approximately $150
  • A bunk bed and mattresses for a family will cost $150

Community Center Program

  • Santa Faz is the location of a community center that reaches approximately 85 children each day
  • The weekly programs provide children with tutoring, a feeding program, an ongoing medical clinic, family counseling as well as church services on Sunday
  • They provide food boxes to families that feed a family of four for a week at the cost of $4 per box

Scholarship Program

  • More than 125 children benefit from scholarship funding to provide them the opportunity to attend school each year
  • The scholarship covers the expense of uniforms, books and tuition


  • Funding is provided for continual Bible distribution through each of Life of Hope’s partners
  • Funding is necessary to conduct baptisms due to the polluted water supply in the landfill and ghettos, but an important step of obedience for those accepting Christ as their Savior
  • Short-term mission groups provide prayer teams and encouragement on each visit
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