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Child Sponsorship

Life of Hope Ministries and its partners serve several hundred children in Guatemala and stand in the gap between the children and the perils of living on the streets. These kids live in very poor areas and their families struggle to provide for them.

Only $35 a month sponsors a child

  • Provides funding for Christian teaching and tutoring
  • Provides food and a nutritional program
  • Assists with basic and emergency medical services
  • Encouragement and evangelism for the child and their families

We are offering this sponsorship program so the children and their families can continue to receive needed assistance. Further it helps a child connect to an individual or family and encourages them to see their value in God’s eyes.

What we will provide you!

  • Updates on your child annually, or when special events occur
  • Opportunities for you to join a short term mission group and visit your child
  • Deliver your cards/notes of encouragement and bring responses from your child

Child Sponsor payments can be set up here:

Click here to select a child

You can set up a recurring payment through your bank or by contacting Life of Hope at 417.319.7887 or mail the monthly, quarterly or yearly check to Life of Hope Ministries, P.O. Box 223, Joplin, MO 64802.

What you do!

  • Commit to praying for your selected child
  • Provide a photo so your child can see those who are expressing Godly concern
  • Send periodic cards/notes of encouragement
  • Faithfully support Life of Hope Ministries so ministry continues to your child
  • Child Sponsor payments can be set up when you select a child by clicking “Click Here to Select a Child” or if you have already chosen a child, contact Life of Hope at 417.319-7887 to make arrangements to set up a recurring payment. You can mail your monthly, quarterly or yearly check to Life of Hope Ministries, P.O. Box 223, Joplin, MO 64802.

Guidelines for sending a package to your sponsored child

  • Anything sent must fit into an 8 1/2 x 11 bubble wrap envelope
  • Must be received at the Life of Hope Ministries office or by a staff person no later than two weeks prior to the trip date
  • Send to: Life of Hope Ministries, 1420 S. Joplin Ave. Joplin, MO 64801
  • Please do not send money or gift cards
  • Some new ideas for items to send: 11 & Younger—Craft activities; coloring book and crayons; small toys associated with popular Disney movies; paper dolls; Matchbox cars; food items (i.e. crackers, cookies, bubblegum, Starburst candy—if individual pieces, place in Ziploc bag)
Children receiving gifts

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    A Child reading a note

    If you would like to purchase a small gift for your sponsor child, please click this link
    Our Amazon Wish List
    Please make sure that you put the child’s name in the gift recipient area, so that we can match it up
    for delivery when we received it at the Life of Hope office.

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